Don’t knock my office…


Now I know it’s fashionable to knock Starbucks because they’re everywhere and—yes—the coffee is better at Peet’s, but…  (A big but here, if you’ll pardon my French) … because Starbucks has superior WiFi and a friendlier attitude.

I lost a few days trying to upgrade my OS to Mojave at Peet’s —  kept getting error messages. Chat support with Apple didn’t help either. Techie suggested I  reinstall Sierra, which I did, and arrived back at Square One.

Then I got smart and went across the street to Starbucks and—voilà-—the upgrade was a snap.

My second point (that’s if you’re counting — I’m not, I flunked math) is the sheer space I’m able to hog at Starbucks without complaints. An entire freaking table. (See the photo at the top of this page?)

Third point: I can sit here all day nursing a FREE vat of ice water and not spend a dime. Hell, I can even bring in my coffee from Peet’s and work until closing time. (Don’t try the reverse at Peet’s.)

If you’re wondering why I need to haul all this stuff into Starbucks in the first place…I’m on the road & doing freelance video editing.  So, for example, today I had to drag a bunch of humongous raw VOB files off a DVD and convert them into an editable format; then the edited video has to be exported to a file I can upload to YouTube.

It’s a lot like watching paint dry.

manilow onscreen

Yeah, that’s Barry Manilow and this extended interview with him is taking hours to convert. I won’t go into all the technical hassles that arise…like Adobe Media Encoder exporting video sans soundtrack—ugh!

The point is simply this: Starbucks lets me work in peace and doesn’t have a snotty attitude.

So don’t knock my office. It rocks.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 12.27.47 PM

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