Advanced Mirthology


My collection—smells like teen ‘pataphysics—features signs of the phenomenon, oscillating pyramids, and  luminous vapors. It’s forthcoming from Black Scat Books and should be available in time for Xmas.

Allow me to whet your appetite with an hors d’oeuvre. [click image for larger view]

excerpt from smells like teen ‘pataphysics



My new collection THREE PLUS THREE MAKES SEVEN: Potential Literature for Those Who Flunked Math will be out next month from J.V. Steinholt’s Blazing Chapbooks in Paris. Don’t fret, it will be available on Amazon in North America and Europe and the texts are all in English, so  no need to hire an expensive translator with an attitude.

It’s a slender volume, too, so you can take it on the subway, slip it in your purse or beach bag, no fuss no mess. It’s also squeaky clean, so you don’t have to hide it under the bed, you can proudly display it on your coffee table and impress your guests.

I don’t know what the cover price is yet, but whatever it is it’ll be worth it. Trust me.


Summer Corn—Get in on the Ground Floor!


You can order my fiction collection, CORN ON MACABRE & OTHER CONUNDRUMS from Anti-Oedipus Press.  It comes in two flavors: a yummy paperback edition for under ten bucks OR $4.95 for a snappy Kindle edition. How’s that for a no-brainer?

So do me a favor and scarf up some CORN—you’ll be glad you did.   CLICK HERE TO ORDER